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The Faces of the Future

KidKlass is dedicated to closing the achievement gap in the communities we serve.  Almost 30% of kids in NYC, live in poverty and, as a result, have a significant deficit in their educational development.  These children lack early access to good programs and often start school significantly behind developmentally versus their more affluent peers.  Once in school, they often lose traction during summer breaks and continue to fall further behind their peers.

Our goal is to close the gap, by providing children in poverty with access to enrichment programs, from early childhood development programs in music, movement and language, to elementary programs in science, sports and art, middle school programs in theater, songwriting and robotics, and high school cultural exchange and internship programs.  The opportunities are as varied as the families we serve.

When we close the achievement gap, our society reaps the benefits. We increase school retention, graduate more students and reduce crime and imprisonment.

Be Part of the Solution!
Book all your families enrichment activities through KidKlass and help your community blossom.  Each time you make a purchase, we can provide seats to local kids in need for free.