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Charlie's Place

Charlie’s Place honors Charles Lubin (1903-1988). Lubin entered the bakery business with his brother-in-law in Chicago and founded Sara Lee in 1949, naming the company after his daughter. Lubin believed he could provide quality baked goods to a mass market, and, in 1953, had developed a method that allowed desserts to be baked, frozen, and reheated in the same foil pan. When Consolidated Foods Corporation bought Sara Lee in 1956 they were so impressed with Lubin that they retained him as CEO. With a good understanding of the changing business world, he turned to television advertising in 1960 and introduced computers into his revolutionary new production plant in 1964. Lubin retired in 1965.

Cross Streets
Ellery St. at Delmonico Pl., Hopkinds St. bet. Tompkins Ave. and Throop Ave.

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