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Neptune Playground

This playground on West 12th Street takes its name from nearby Neptune Avenue. The avenue is one of Coney Island’s three major east-west thoroughfares, the others also featuring aquatic names, Surf Avenue and Mermaid Avenue. Neptune Playground shares the distinction of being named for the god of the seas with Poseidon Playground, located on West 25th Street. Usually, the Roman god Neptune (or his Greek counterpart Poseidon) is represented with a three-pronged spear, the trident, which he used to smash rocks, calm the waves or stir up storms. According to Roman mythology, Neptune was the son of Saturn, and brother to Jupiter, king of the gods, and Pluto, god of the dead. Originally known as the god of springs and streams, Neptune came to be identified as the god of the seas. Much like the seas he ruled, the god was known for his moody, unpredictable and ever-changing behavior.

Cross Streets
W. 12 St. between Neptune Ave. and Surf Ave.

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