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Great Family Costume Ideas

Below is our roundup of great family Halloween costume ideas.  Trick or Treating has never been so fun as when the whole family gets in on the fun!



Create enchanting and magical memories. Here are some of our most popular Disney Princess and Prince Charming costumes that are perfect for the entire family. 

Prince Charming Costume Snow White Costume Ariel Sparkle Costume Belle Sparkle Costume Cinderella Sparkle Costume
Men's Prince Charming Costume Women's Snow White Costume Girl's Ariel Sparkle Costume Girl's Belle Sparkle Costume Girl's Cinderella Sparkle Costume


Elvis The King of Rock –N-Roll Themed Costumes The King Lives! Elvis costume themes are a timeless favorite when it comes to Halloween costumes. 

Elvis Mascot Costume Elvis Costume Elvis Costume Elvis Jumpsuit Costume Rock-N-Roll King Pet Costume
Adult Elvis Mascot Costume Women's Elvis Costume Men's Elvis Costume Elvis Jumpsuit Boy's Costume Rock N Roll King Pet Costume

Check out Halloween Express for these family fun costume ideas!


The LEGO Family

Family Halloween costume ideas: Lego Family CostumeLego Family
Sent in by April to our 2013 costume contest.

Whether your family loves Legos from building endless Lego creations or watching the Lego movie, surely some fascinating creations can be imagined from these bright blocks as this family has done with Styrofoam and paint and a few other things. It’s so interesting to see how the simplest things (a cardboard box) can be transformed. What other toys can your kids never part with? A favorite doll or bear? Why not try to replicate them so your child can BE their companion for an evening?


Her Majesty the Queen and her Royal Guard

The Queen and her Royal Guards Costume

Minivan Stick Figure Family

Creative family costume ideas: Minivan Stick Figure Family
Sent in by Sarah to our 2013 costume contest.

This very creative family took an idea from everyday life and turned it in to a simple, very creative collection using duct tape and cardboard and black clothing. There are so many places to pick up ideas – a trip to the zoo, a hike up a trail, a visit to the supermarket can turn into knockout family costumes like the minivan stick figures.

A Christmas Story Family

Family costume ideas: A Christmas Story Family Costume
Sent in by Celeste to our 2013 costume contest.

Favorite movies and TV shows are classic favorites from which to costume recognizable characters that go together as this family did from “A Christmas Story.” Harry Potter, anyone? Of course Sesame Street. Yes, Avatar!

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