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Overcoming Our Fears; #thatsWhatiLike

Wiyot, our KidKlass kid correspondent is back with #thatsWhatiLike video post!

This time she shares how she overcomes her fears. It feels good when we overcome our fears! It isn’t always easy but we can see, in the video below, how excited Wiyot is about having done something that made her nervous, having been independent, and having gotten the chance to practice her Spanish speaking skills. The confidence Wiyot gained in this simple moment is inspiring!

What makes your kids nervous? Have you asked them what it is about it that makes them nervous or scared? Encourage them to be bold and try something new! Comment and let us know how it went!

Language classes can benefit kids as early as six months old.  They are good for cognitive learning, social understanding, complex problem solving and more.  Kids who know more than one language tend to be more confident and outgoing.  They have a stronger understanding of different cultures.

Share your videos in the comments section below about how your child overcame their fears!

It takes a village to raise good kids, but sharing the gift of language helps create understanding and appreciation for cultural differences and diversity.  It teach kids to value one another and appreciate each other’s uniqueness.  Great parents know that bilingual kids will rule the world someday and they are pretty nice too!

Learning language is fun for kids!  Start learning today.  Give your kid or whole family the gift of language learning?  Check out available language classes near you!  Some programs even offer a weekend family session.  Kids can participate with peers or their family to learn languages like Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, French and more!  For kids who aren’t native English speakers, there are wonderful English as a second language programs to help them get a great start before school or to improve skills in English outside of school.