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Wiyot Holds Court: Tennis and New Tricks

Wiyot learns the valuable lesson that winners succeed by trying again and again, on the tennis court, and in life.  She learns to follow passions, find fun, and make time to learn new tricks along the way.  Kids remind us to take time to try new things and not be afraid of failing.

Wiyot is pursuing her passions for tennis, friendships, and exploring NYC with her friends and family.  Wiyot loves American Girl store visits, speaking spanish, drumming at the drummer’s circle and finding out what hidden treasures await her in NYC.  She is a traveler and adventurer.  She is unique and special.  She is soaring to new heights every day, one NYC borough at a time.

Wiyot’s enthusiastic love of American Girl dolls and visiting the NYC store where she recently celebrated her birthday is no surprise given the vision of founder Pleasant T. Rowland, it isn’t a surprise that this store is more of a destination than a simple shopping experience.

“From its inception, it was a doll company, a toy company, a clothing company, a publishing company, and a direct mail company all at once. But in truth, from its beginning vision, it was a company that was BIGGER THAN THE SUM OF ALL THOSE PARTS. It was a girl company, and anything that was good for girls was ours to give them.”

Pleasant T. Rowland, American Girl Founder

We wonder how soon Wiyot will scurry back to her favorite store for their latest creation Wellie Wishers, a sweet and silly group of girls who each have the same big, bright wish: to be a good friend.  Explore their world as they step into colorful garden boots and get ready for stomping in mud puddles, putting on shows, and helping friendships grow.